MR and CT imaging during Interventional Radiology and Radiotherapy procedures is becoming the standard of care. The ability to move the patient between the surgical and/or procedural suites to imaging while keeping the patient in the same position is critical to the success of the different procedures. 

Diacor is recognized as the world leader in hover technology for patient transfer and offers hoverboards designed specifically to meet the needs of Interventional Radiology and Radiotherapy procedures. The Zephyr Patient Positioning and Transfer System, utilizing Diacor’s patented hover technology, provides a seamless solution for transferring patients between CT, PET/CT, MR, Radiotherapy and Interventional Radiology procedures. Since the patient remains on the hoverboard, the patient position is maintained with submillimeter accuracy.  

The Zephyr system addresses your patient transfer needs for the following applications:

  • Interventional Radiology/Hybrid OR integrating CT/MR imaging providing greater accuracy, less risk, less pain, and a shorter recovery time.

  • Radiotherapy allowing you to acquire images with the patient in the same position obtaining acceptable contour definitions for improved treatment planning and patient outcome.

Check out our solutions below to find the proper hoverboard to fit your needs.

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