Image-Guided Radiotherapy

Image-Guided Radiotherapy (IGRT) and adaptive radiotherapy techniques are becoming the standard of care to improve treatment precision and accuracy.  The Zephyr External Beam (EB) series incorporates indexed couch tops that accept immobilization devices for maintaining patient position throughout the transfer process.  This permits the flexible use of CT, PET/CT, and/or MR to achieve IGRT today.

The Zephyr EB series utilizes patented hover technology for patient transfer, which effectively reduces patient movement between imaging and treatment.

Benefits of the Zephyr External Beam Series

  • Enables adaptive radiotherapy techniques.

  • Increases patient throughput without sacrificing treatment accuracy.

  • Immobilization devices can be indexed to the Zephyr hoverboard.

  • Reduces staff requirements and injuries.

  • A variety of Zephyr systems are available, which are uniquely tailored to meet the requirements in the radiation therapy environment.