Intraoperative Magnetic Resonance Imaging (IMRI)

The brain often shifts during surgery, which makes pre-surgical imaging no longer exactly precise. Imaging the patient during the procedure in MR while on the Zephyr IR-S and in the skull clamp gives surgeons the most accurate information to achieve a more complete removal of brain tumors.

Benefits of the Zephyr Interventional Radiology Series

  • Diacor’s patented hover technology, hovers the patient on-air between the Interventional Radiology/Hybrid OR suite and the different imaging modalities that may be located outside the surgical suite.

  • Patients can be transported while in the skull clamp using detachable MR couches or the Zephyr stretchers while still in the surgical immobilized position.

  • Patient transfers to and from the imaging couch can be made pre/during/post-procedure.

  • Separate air pads provide balanced patient transfer capabilities for multi-directional movement:  lateral (side to side) and/or longitudinal (head to foot) transfers.

  • Patient cushions with handles provided for comfort and ease of transfer.

  • Reduces staff requirements and injuries.

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