Trimodality, PET/CT-MR imaging, offers comparative studies using the different imaging modalities for the patient at the same time.  Using either of the Zephyr IR series hoverboards, the patient can be transported and transferred between existing PET/CT and MR imaging systems.  The MR and PET/CT images are then combined using image fusion software allowing clinicians in Oncology, Neurology and Cardiology to detect and evaluate patients more efficiently.

Benefits of the Zephyr Interventional Radiology (IR) Series

  • Diacor’s patented hover technology, hovers the patient on-air between the Hybrid OR and the different imaging modalities that may be located outside the surgical suite.

  • Patients can be transported using detachable MR couches or the Zephyr stretchers while still in the surgical position.

  • Patient transfers to and from the imaging couch can be made pre/during/post-procedure.

  • Separate air pads provide balanced patient transfer capabilities for multi-directional movement:  lateral (side to side) and/or longitudinal (head to foot) transfers.

  • Patient cushions with handles provided for comfort and ease of transfer.

  • Reduces staff requirements and injuries.

Video Library

Zephyr IR


General use hoverboard for a broad range of procedures needing imaging during procedures

Zephyr IR-N


Neuro hoverboard for neurointerventional procedures requiring MR imaging. The IR-N allows HNU coils to be positioned around the head and neck area without moving the patient.

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